In Life, everyone you meet is either a Lesson or a Blessing. Wisdom reveals the difference. The tales of being friend-zoned either have a rib racking or teary-eyed effect on its listener which implies that it is a bittersweet experience.

Here are some shared experiences. From the Guys;

  1. It is an obvious fact that I am older than she is. So it’s no surprise when she asks for my advice on virtually all matters relating to her. I felt glad she was letting me in on the details of her life. Till date, I still dread the text she sent ending with “I hope not to ever lose your friendship”
  2. Nobody ever takes me seriously as I want. I know I can be funny but not to the extent of expressing myself to a girl whom I really like and she laughed so hard like I said something silly. She even said no girl will take me seriously because I don’t look it
  3. That we’ve been attending the same church for a very long time gave me a good feeling about our closeness. We’ve worked together in putting up Programs and other projects. So I give credit to her strength and intelligence. When we were to announce crushes and the likes during a hangout, my name was nowhere near her lips, only for her to tag me as a Brother in Christ.


From the Ladies…

  1. He always has the right word to say whenever he calls. I was beginning to take him seriously when he’d ask about my future goals and plans. I was heart shattered the day he uploaded one babe’s pic captioned with “Dearest of them all”. A smile emoji was the best I could reply with and he replied saying ” Bestest Friend ever. Let’s know the lucky guy too”
  2. With the frequent way he uploads my picture and uses endearing words like Dear, Bae, Sweetie, I thought it meant a thing. Even the mutual friends we had were up to creating hashtags with our initials, always teasing that we pick favorable dates. Only for him to travel for Youth service and that was the end
  3. We basically grew up together. So there’s nothing about me he doesn’t know and vice versa. No girl has ever entered into his good book because he claims he’s looking for the One who has my kind of character.

Be it Guy/Lady, Boy/Girl, there’s just this One person you wish, hope and maybe pray to become more than friends with but alas! The person is not even looking at your side.

In Christendom, the scenario is not excused. The pastor is patiently waiting for you both to boldly declare your intentions, only for the whole congregation to be told of an upcoming wedding ceremony bearing his/her name and an entirely different name, not yours.


Now the real-talk is,

Certain people are in our lives for God knows why, but our feelings are too quickly developed,  thus clouding the exact reasons of our relationship with them.

Proverbs 21:2(NLT) People may be right in their own eyes, but the Lord examines their heart

Be it deliberate or otherwise, emotions are easily aroused when there is consistency involved- call, text, chat, visits. Don’t feed it unnecessarily, if it will not go far. Treat the fellow as someone else’s priceless treasure and remember yours is somewhere too.

Be straightforward about how you feel, if it is tending to be beyond control. Here’s a suggestion;

(Ladies): Hello. So I’ve noticed that we’ve been chatting so frequently of recent. Is that a sign I should be wary of?

(Guy): You seem to confide in me a whole lot. Is there something I should know?

Guys need to know where they stand. Ladies need to stop assuming too.

Are you a Friend Zone victim? Kindly share