Every adult understands the essence of being in some sort of relationship; be it friendships or its advanced states which at times results in copulation, marriage and starting a family. Yet, a lot forget the fundamentals of these associations and what defines each as what they are.

Acquaintances, Friendship, marriage, family, and enmity are all carriers of the main ideology with certain characters distinguishing each from the other. When a person chooses to embark on a relationship with another, it is something that easily attracts emotional attachments but isn’t enough. Such associations; like the laws of a contract, needs to be expressly defined and reviewed with & in time.

Many have been victims of undefined relationships; some of which played out perfectly fine and on the other hand, a hand full of people have been out of such with more bruises than they had had when getting into them.

friendship relationship

Relating to someone other than yourself is, in fact, a basic strand of the human make-up; the fundamental principle for sanity and a proper social-stand definition. There are a thousand reasons as to why we enter certain relationship brackets; be it selfish or otherwise, a proper understanding of what we are getting into is very key to avoid surprises be it favorable or not. It’s not like those that know what there are getting into don’t get first-hand relationship shockers here and there, but it seems much safer to know your cards and capacity to strategize.

There are several ships at sail with a common theme pertaining to Relating with people; in all spheres of life, you need associating with another either in love or otherwise. Define your associations and never leave any in the loop except when necessary.